Getting Started

Your First Leaner Permit

Here at John Mannix & Son Driving School, we are geared towards giving you focused, safe, and effective driving instruction that will thoroughly prepare you for your Practical Driving Examination. But before we can work with you, there is a series of steps you must take on your own.

To start you driving journey you must obtain your provisional driving licence, also known as your leaner’s permit.

Step 1: Apply for and Take a Driver Theory Test

Your very first step in the process is to apply for the compulsory Driver Theory Test. We highly recommend that you start by going to the official Irish Driver Theory Test Service website, where you'll find important information about the test and how to apply for it. - is a great source of knowledge an explains in detail the test process and allows you to book the dest online. When you have confirmed your test date, you will need to study the Rules of the Road carefully, as well as the Driver Theory Book. We strongly recommend reviewing the information on in order to best prepare and study for the test. There are also study manuals and apps wherr you can learn everything you need to know and take mock tests. 

Step 2: Eyesight Test or Medical Report

Congratulations! You've passed your Driver Theory Test, and you're ready to go on to the next stage of the process.


Start by taking an overview of the Drivers licence Application requirements. The Department of Transport provides a wealth of information about the Provisional Driving licence on theri official National Driving Licence website. -

You will need to have an eyesight test in order to qualify for a learner's permit. Any optician should be able to do this for you and should have the appropriate form. If not you can obtain the form from the NDLS website. Some licences will require a medical report. Futher details on this can alos be found on the NDLS website.


When your optician and/or your doctor have completed your report and your form has been filled out, you will be ready to proceed to the next stage.

Step 3: Obtaining your Learner Permit

Congratulations, you have completed steps 1 and 2. Now you are ready to aplly for the learner's permit.


You will need to book an appointment at your locak NDLS centre. Informaiton on your nearest centre can be found on the NDLS website. -

To properly apply for the provisional licence you will need to produce a number of documents at your appointment. These are your theory test pass certificate, your eyesight or mdical report, photographic I.D., proof of PPSN and proof of address. 


You will then be sent your leaners permit in the post. When you have been issued your Provisional Driving licence, you can continue to the next step below.

Step 4: Start Driving Lessons

Now that you have received your learner permit, you can achieve your long-awaited ambition to get behind the wheel on your first driving lesson!


Contact Tom and Sandra here at John Mannix & Son Driving School to arrange your first driving lessons. During your first lesson we will assess your current knowledge and driving ability and issue you with your EDT Logbook so we can keep track of your lessons and progress.


For beginners and drivers with some driving experience, John Mannix & Son Driving School offers the cheapest lessons in the market for drivers with no experience and also for drivers who are already familiar with driving and need to eradicate their bad-habits before doing their driving test.

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Getting Started – FAQs

  • How can I prepare for my theory test?

    There are countless study materials available to help you prepare for your theory test. The Official Driver Theory Test handbook, CD-ROM, or mobile app is the best source of study materials and will cover everything you need to know for the theory test.

  • Where can I get an eye test done?

    Any opticians can carry out an eye test for a learner's permit. Simply let them know at the time you book the appointment that it is especially for a provisional licence and the optician will do the rest. Many opticians will have the necessary form on file but others may require you to bring it to the appointment with you.

  • When can I start my lessons?

    When you have completed all the necessary steps and applied for the learners permit though your local NDLS centre you will have to wait until you receive the provisional driving licence in the post. Once you receive this you can begin your driving lessons.